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Because I'm apparently spending way too much time playing NWN on my vacation, I've now finished the last remaining Premium module - Shadowguard. :D

I have to admit they're all great, even though WW1 is a bit short. The next part is coming sooner or later, though. Kingmaker and Shadowguard should see sequels too.

As for other modules, twoflower's Premium module has been cancelled peacefully, so we should see more HeX coda too. Definitely one of the best things I've played, even if there are some similarities to Unreal Estate. Different enough, though.

Other than gaming, I've been approved for building the fanlisting for Otepää. To avoid questions - it's a small town in Estonia where I used to live for the first 7 years of my life, also the most important centre of winter sports here. :)
Tags: fanlistings, fun, other

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