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By limitedbythesky

Insanity Stats

Formed: 28th June 2005
Split: 23rd February 2015
Best Album: 'Beswarm Quaggy Radium Oghamic Hearer Synths' 1/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Macron' 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 22nd October 2005.)
Records Sold: 4,422,653 in total (1,856,461 albums, 2,566,192 singles).
Reputation: NME band
Groupies: To call cohort a slag is akin to calling Robert Mugabe a cunt with slight mental problems.
Other'Rowboat Galipots Bullnose Vicarage' was unaminously voted Worst Single in the 2009 NME awards.

Insanity Member Profiles


lillekas's deadpan vocal delivery is reverred by most of the bands hardcore fans but is acknowledged by very few in the musical industry.


Armed with a sizeable repetroire of chords and stylings, thefirewolf managed to lift Insanity's often monotontous din into something more creditable and exciting.

When guardianista started out in Jun 2005 they couldn't handle any more than 2 strings at a time, now after a long period of dedicated practice guardianista is finally beginning to master the bass.

Throughout Insanity's' career luinthoron has been all to willing to fade into the background and let thefirewolf and lillekas take charge of the band's image. Because of this it is easy to overlook the drummer's positive contribution to the band.

gambalerina is renowned for making pioneering use of new synth technology. However, unfortunately for Insanity gambalerina's lack of musical ability has hampered the effectiveness of such experimentation.

Single Releases

# Title Date
20 Civvy Ovolo Dasheen Jul 2005
6 Macron Oct 2005
15 Kaput Slimes Coaching Dec 2005
6 Elhi Colessee Missive Lushness Moulds Wettable Jan 2006
7 Midwife Dec 2006
13 Diapers Jan 2007
18 Jiggly Witling Subtypes Apr 2007
21 Pace Enslave Sleazy Mar 2008
17 Lickspit Weirds Ratters Tics Jun 2008
25 Rowboat Galipots Bullnose Vicarage Jul 2008
29 Tollmen Hallos Perique Sticked Aug 2008
97 Bonnet Rewrites Sauced Meditate Dec 2009
68 Fishless Spouters Feb 2010
27 Tales Vault Mar 2010
21 Sirups Bread Outsmart Recapped Jun 2010
4 Digamous Outstays Fish Dec 2011
2 Souse Sawed Outfish Guyed Dribs Jan 2012
1 Aligners Mobilize Zizith Restruck Encage Deafen Feb 2012
1 Parled Polynyas Faddier Clachs Mar 2012
1 Clutched Apr 2013
2 Squat Placid Lager Hagbush Pother Jerids Jun 2013
1 Singles Bossiest Sep 2013
2 Regroove Kay Actor Oct 2013

Album Releases

# Title Date
27 Quoter Raveller Podestas Jun 2005
15 Carolus Hadiths Wadmaals Fusing Oct 2006
26 Produces Jazzer Marauded Feb 2008
89 Beswarm Quaggy Radium Oghamic Hearer Synths Sep 2009
11 Crevasse Piaster Snoozers Oct 2011
2 Jerseyed Waddies Amices Tyes Mingles Mar 2013

northern ireland's worst

Tags: fun, quiz/meme, weird

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