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Another quiz, stolen from elizasnape

The Harry Potter PersonalityTest - Who Are YOU?

You're kind and supportive and even though you're not always in the centre of attention and don't trouble
yourself with every detail, your friends cherish your loyalty and your sence of humour.
You're a dreamer and you know the most important things in life aren't 'things'.

Who are YOU?

and another one, stolen from some people in anime

Trial Version
Trial Version

What Kind Of Program Are You? (WARN: ADULT)

brought to you by Quizilla

and then there came some more...

Do Not Enter
You're antisocial. And you like it that way. You
don't want unexpected company messing up the
way you like to live your life. You stay to
yourself, and if people come too close, you
believe you have every right to shoot them...

What's Your Sign?
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Confussed Drunkard!
You don't really get it do you? Drinking makes you
a total idiot. Not to say you were all that
bright before you started drinking. You're
totally confussed. Your emotions take hold,
and you totally lose all control of yourself.
Maybe you should try drinking a little beer,
and working your way up to the hard liquors.

What type of Drunkard are you?
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You're An Intellectual!
You can always be found reading or on the computer.
People always come to you when they need
information. You don't really care about love
at this point, your only goal is to improve
your mind. After all, knowledge is power!

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?
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Blonde Hair
Your girlfriend has Blonde hair!

What Colour Hair would YOUR anime girlfriend have?
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