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from twelveeyes:

Rules: Copy and paste into your own journal, then fill it out for me.

01. Who are you?
02. Are we friends?
03. Are we close?
04. Do you love me?
05. Did you mean that last answer?
06. What's your fondest memory of me?
07. What was the last thing I did to hurt you?
08. What was the last nice thing I did for you?
09. Am I nice or mean more often?
10. Would you hug me?
11. Would you kiss me?
12. Would you date me?
13. Would you sleep with me?
14. Am I cool?
15. Describe me in one word
16. What's my biggest weakness?
17. What's my greatest strength?
18. Do you think I have any deep, dark secrets?
19. Do you KNOW any of my deep, dark secrets?
20. Do we have a lot in common?
21. What's my best physical feature?
22. If I died, would you come to the funeral?
23. Would you cry at the funeral?
24. Do I smile or frown more often?
25. Did you notice that no numbers were skipped?
26. Are you going to put this on your site and see what I say about you?
Tags: quiz/meme

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