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Back here a bit later than expected today. altairi wanted to talk a bit, so I spent some time at her place. Can't really say much about that as it concerned her brother-in-law and his family.

I also apparently had too much time to think, walking here in the darkness. Crazy things come to a crazy mind. I started to think about the "dark" heroes. The Punisher and that kind. Even Batman or Spiderman to some extent.

For some reason I started to think about what would happen if I witnessed a crime. Right there, walking. Obviously I should help. This could quite possibly make me the next victim, though. A "heroic death", but do I want to die? No.

There's still the possibility to call the police, thank God. And thank God for mobile phones.

But what if instead of me (or if I) was someone who had lost everything. Someone with nothing to lose. These are the "dark" heroes. It's not like they want to be heroes. It's just the only thing they can do to make their lives still worth something, to others, but even more for themselves.Whether they seek revenge, atonement, or just a reason to live, doesn't matter. They can help people who are in trouble, so they do this. Even if this might someday mean their death. In their own mind they are already dead.

I apologize for the dark post. I was in a strange mood, it seems...

edit (almost a month later): I can't believe I forgot Max Payne!

Revenge of the Lyrics Meme II
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