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from lacus:

1. Total number of fanlistings you own/run - 9 + 4 pending approval

2. Newest fanlisting - Colonel/Captain/Whatever Todaka. Have to correct the rank once we get more information.

3. Oldest fanlisting - Andrew Bartfeld.

4. Fanlisting you updated last - T.M. Revolution

5. Fanlisting you haven't upated in a long time - None, really. Even the small ones have recently had new members.

6. Fanlisting with the most members - T.M. Revolution with 285 members at the moment.

7. Fanlisting with the least members - Tachiagare! Okori Yo

8. Fanlisting in most dire need of a makeover - Most of my older ones, probably

9. Fanlisting with the layout you're happiest with - The latest one, of course.

10. Fanlisting with the subject you love the most - Either Andy or Tachiagare! Okori Yo. Can't really compare these.
Tags: fanlistings, quiz/meme

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