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Oh, well... Nothing much to say. Still working on the translation that had to be done on Monday. Yes, 4 days ago. And it will still take the weekend too. At least I have the excuse that I couldn't start it in time because the previous translation went 5 days over deadline. Not much of an excuse, I know. The client's very understanding this time, though. Last year it wasn't that nice and we lost the client (the same one, actually) for about 6 months until they needed our help again. We've been quite reliable until now, though, so this should not be a too big problem. Especially as they're still offering new projects too.

Oh, and because I haven't done this in a while, a bit of shameless plugging. Less than 3 days left before I close the Lyrics Meme of Doom. Rememeber, everyone can get 50 points there. So why not try to guess some of the songs? It shouldn't be too hard. Not all of it, at least.
Tags: quiz/meme, work

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