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I'm thinking about closing down Luinthoron.TK as a fanfiction site. I have had too much work lately and there just aren't many authors there who would want to have their work on my site. And let's face it, there are enough better sites for that out there. While it's been nice to run my own fanfiction archive and I've learned a lot while doing this, I don't think there's much point in doing this anymore. I will, of course keep my own stories there. After I've redone it. And altairi's Estonian translation of pikacheeka's "Drowning in Loneliness" will have a home too, along with my SR translation, should I ever finish even the first chapter. Can't see this happening soon as work keeps just piling up here. I'll be lucky if I can finish the current big translation in time (Friday) and the next one's already waiting, needed to be finished on March 7.
None of this is affecting the fanlistings, of course.
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