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from sandypaw:

Valentines Day Horrors! by deuceloosely
Seen with suspicious-looking blonde woman:tomxfelton
Went back into the closet:mavencree
Sends you a singing Ape-o-Gram:mctabby
Brings one of your exes to the party:gambalerina
Came dressed for a "Slumber Party:"mogliecat
Chokes on a candy heart reading, "Be mine:"frankenspam
"...but I'm not bitter."kellie528
Proposes marriage to you in drunken stupor:honey666
The "wallflower" who somehow manages to score:guardianista
Total valentines you'll receive:66
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If I were God over LiveJournal... by shinikami
Jesus would beepicyclical
The four archangels would bejadarene
The Blessed Virgin would besilverbookworm
Satan would bevisservoldemort
The antichrist would bemochabutterfly
And YOU would beA demon
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