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You are a Huffledor!: You're a natural peacemaker
and mediator. People come to you with their
problems and you're happy to help them. Friends
are very important to you and you ever needed
help you know they would be there for you. Your
weakness is that sometimes you trust too much
on the good will of other people, you have to
remember that they don't always have your best
interests in mind! You are generally optimistic
about life and with the sweetness of a
Hufflepuff and the passion of a Gryffindor
you're sure to go far!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Fact is, Hufflepuff is not my House because of one big problem - I'm definitely not hardworking. Actually, I'm extremely lazy and it's a wonder how I still manage to keep 99% of the deadlines here.

edit: *not so amused anymore* is down. Which means Luinthoron.TK is down. And that I can't access my e-mail. :(

edit2: Zone virtual domains are back now. Still can't access e-mail, though.

edit3: Zone fully back again. Apparently there were electric repairs being done there and well, shit happens. At least everything's ok now again.
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