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There's still quite a lot of work to do but I'm thinking about going home. I'd really rather sleep at the moment, despite it being still so early. One just can't work until midnight for months and not feel tired...

Thought about cutting my friends list down too, as it's getting sometimes too long even with 50 posts on a page. Then I realized, though, that those I might have considered cutting are also those who post the least. So there's really no point in doing that.

vegetak has apparently abandoned that LJ, now being dotanimedot. Just a note to those who have him on their friends lists.

I'm writing surprisingly much today...

Also, Janek is apparently going to buy himself a computer to replace the old one we have at home. Except he's buying it as what I called a puzzle - all the parts separately. Except for some that he's going to take from the old one (keyboard, mouse, FDD).

OK, that's all, I think. *falls asleep*
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