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Luinthoron's LiveJournal v.15.3
Started reading "Ardent Flames", the sequel to "Mists of Time". This… 
28th-May-2003 05:06 pm
Gundam 00: Saji / Cute / Blue
Started reading "Ardent Flames", the sequel to "Mists of Time". This is what happened... (Last two rows stolen from Ginny in AF, 2nd chapter)

Up Here

by Luinthoron

Up here, in my room where I lived as a child
Up here, the world can't catch me
Up here, the laughter is far and away
Up here, sometimes I can feel free
Up here, in my world of happy memories
Up here, where I don't have to cry
Up here, I don't have to think about it
Up here, I can hide
28th-May-2003 09:28 am (UTC)

Wow, Marek!

This is great and I don't mind at all that you took lines from AF. Thank you for the reviews. I'm glad you like the story. Chapter 6 (if you've been reading in my group) will be on hold until after I move home.


28th-May-2003 09:52 am (UTC)
Thanks... :) Those lines/sentences just screamed to be in a poem, even though it's a short one...

About AF6 - I can wait. As I always say, it's better to have a great chapter late, than a mediogre chapter quickly. An author should always take all the time s/he needs.
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