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[Untitled original story | NC-17 | 836 words]
[Christmas present for my wonderful girlfriend]
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It’s late in the evening; you could almost even call it night. It definitely is dark enough outside. A lovely young woman is sitting alone in our room. You. You’re waiting for something. For someone. For me. I should have been home already hours ago and you’re getting a bit worried. You’re so deep in thoughts you don’t even hear the door to our home opening and closing.

I enter our room silently and you don’t notice me before I kiss your neck softly. You gasp and turn around quickly, kissing me on my lips. When we part again, you seem a bit angry, though. My own fault, really. As said, I should’ve been home hours ago.

“I’m sorry, Love!” I say. And you know I mean it. But I still want to make up to you for the long waiting. “I really wish I could’ve been home sooner.”

I hold you in my arms for a long moment before leaving our room again to finally lose my coat and shoes. But also to pick up a strange long package I brought with me.

“What’s that?” you ask me.

“You’ll see soon, I promise,” I say, keeping its contents a secret for now.

Once again you are in my arms and I kiss you with all my love. And your kiss shows you love me equally as much. Soon a small pile of clothes appears on the floor and it keeps growing as we undress each other. Breathless we fall on the bed, holding the other one tenderly. I kiss you softly again, then moving lower to leave a kiss on your neck and another on the top of your breast.

“Wait here!” I whisper in your ear and stand up to retrieve the package. Your curious eyes watch me as I slip it down next to the bed and open it, keeping it still out of your sight.

“Lie down,” I whisper. “And close your eyes.”

You close those beautiful eyes and I tenderly kiss your nipple, then the other. Suddenly you feel something soft tickle your neck, moving down to caress your breasts, the nipples. Moving from one to the other and back, making you gasp softly, then louder. You still keep your eyes closed, though.

The sensations then move lower, doing a small spiral on your stomach, before moving for the first time over your slit. They don’t stay there, though. Now the feather, for that is what I have in my hand, moves to your right thigh, down and up again. It crosses your pussy once more and repeats the movements on your left leg. Moving up, it lingers a bit longer on your slit as I softly kiss you.

“Keep your eyes closed,” I whisper in your ear again.

You gasp again as I move the feather over your clit and seem a bit disappointed when it starts moving up towards your breasts again. That look disappears with a moan as I insert two of my fingers into your already wet cunt. The feather finds your nipples, my thumb finds your clit, and the two fingers inside you move in and out. I kiss your nipples and you notice me moving on the bed. My fingers are still working in you and you moan, feeling yourself close to your orgasm. And then I lower my mouth to your pussy and kiss and lick your clit. This, combined with my fingers in you and the feather on you, is enough to make you come.

My mouth is still on your pussy when you pull me up to you and passionately kiss me, tasting yourself on my tongue.

“I can’t wait anymore!” you say. “I need you in me! Take me now!”

I position myself above you and kiss you again before slowly entering you. You let out a soft moan again and with my cock moving inside you, I soon find myself moaning too. I move in and out, massage your breasts and kiss your nipples. I pick up the pace and kiss you passionately.

Then I grab you, and suddenly you find yourself on top, riding me. I slip one hand down to touch your clit and the sensations coursing through you make you moan again and close your eyes. So the feather touching your right nipple comes as a surprise to you. You gasp and moan and ride me with an unbelievable passion. Once again you’re feeling the feather on your breasts and my hand on your clit. And my cock inside you, too. And again you come and my own release follows right after as your body shudders around me. You lean on me, kissing me lovingly once more, before sliding off me and snuggling up to me as I take you in my arms.

“I love you, my Angel!” I whisper and I can see your happy smile telling me the same. I just can’t help but kiss you softly again before we both drift off to sleep...
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