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from rinslet:

Your LJ Christmas Party by cerulean_dreams
First to arrivevintagewriting
Made a snowman with a strategically placed carrottomxfelton
Stuck a Candy Cane down their pantsuncfaery
Spiked the eggnogkikuchan
Knocked over the Christmas Treerainpuddle13
Was ran over by Santa's sleighaome
Was poisoned after they consumed a poinsettiaicehacker
Dressed up as Santamirai_noah
Kissed you Under the Mistletoehexygirl
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Your LJ Christmas Party! by Karen_Walker
You've been
Your Datelunamaria
The Party Host/esspink_grrl
Dressed as Santavegetak
Santa's Elfrainpuddle13
Stole the Presentsgwkame
Kissed You Under Mistletoestrangerface
Drunk on Eggnoggvintagefury
Knocked Over the Treelisstheniffler
Still Believes in Santashakespearessis
Mr. Grinchnekogummibear
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Who's starring in your Christmas play? by SmellyCat826
Baby Jesuslunaradio
Virgin Maryfrankenspam
One of the Three Wise Mentsunamisurfer
One of the other Wise Menmogliecat
And the other....orimornie
Um, the lamb in the mangerhoney666
Santa Claus (yes, he's in it)twoflower
Jack Skellington (he's in it, too)silverfangs
Random Jewdearka
Baby Jesus' understudysookail
The Narratoricehacker
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