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Because I'm lazy, here be memes.

from all over my friends list:

What HP character do I remind you of, and why?

from after_the_rain_:

If you joined a superhero group.. by Uberdude
What kind of powers would you have?
How did you get your powers?
You joined the team because...
The leader of the Team would be..icehacker
The angsty loner with tons of psychological issuesguardianista
The spunky mascotcohort
The well intentioned but volitile mad geniusvisservoldemort
The reformed supervillian 'turned-good'goddessoftime
Your personal arch nemesisgambalerina
The overwhelmingly evil and powerfull supervillianlaurensnape
The pesky fan or reporteradgreenshields
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Tags: hp, quiz/meme

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