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Happy Birthday to mogliecat and (a bit late wishes) to seitenshi!

If your Friends List was Middle Earth by jlmatthews
Plucky Hobbitlillekas
Long-Lost Heir of Gondorlissinthecity
Mighty Wizardslowfox
Wise Elf-Lordrillathegrape
Beautiful Elf-Maidenmctabby
Tempted by the One Ringyzak
Stout-Hearted Dwarflunaradio
Fiery Rohirrim Shieldmaidencuria_regis
Brutish Orc Marauderlnx_equals_1
Corrupt Evil Wizardepicyclical
The Dark Lordaylapascal
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your Star Wars Movie Franchise Cast! by PsiProne
Original Movie Title
The Jedi Masterpikacheeka
The Jedi Padawanvintagefury
The "Princess"versauen
The Cocky Pilotepicyclical
The Most Hated Jar-Jar type characterirentsik
The character that diesicehacker
The Sith Mastersabayeleyr
The Sith Apprenticestrangerface
Number of Sequels9
Chance of Success: 77%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What custom Gundam Seed Gundam would you pilot? by Chibi Fyrefly
Gundam NameTitan Gundam
Main WeaponSaber
Side WeaponMetal Dagger
Color SchemePurple, Maroon and Black
Money You Spend on Repairs$13,165,806,642
Chance of it Getting Destroyed: 82%
Will it Get Destroyed?Yes ;_;
Quiz created with MemeGen!

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 altairis a-spamming.
11 curia_regiss a-dancing.
10 gambalerinas a-groaning.
9 guardianistas a-swallowing.
8 lillekass a-hopping.
7 pikacheekas a-crunching.
6 stilettos a-staring.
5 light yellow thefirewolfs.
4 flaming twelveeyess.
3 French vampodramas.
2 kitten vegetaks.
And a yzak in a guava tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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