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Fanfiction Survey
How old are you?24
How old were you when you first started reading/writing fanfiction in general?21
Do you ever feel your interpretation of the books has been affected by fandom?Yes
Do you openly share your participation in fandom, or only with certain people? Or do you keep it a secret entirely, except for people you see online?I don't exactly hide it, but I'm not going around telling this to everybody either
Did you ever write/read fanfic for any fandoms before Harry Potter?No
What other fandoms do you write/ read fics for, if any?DragonBall Z, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED
Have you ever written a crossover?I've tried to
What about an Alternative Universe?Trying to
Were either/both challenging, or did you find either/both easy?The word I'd use is "interesting"
What do you think of original characters?Mostly nice
Have you ever read an exceptionally good original character?Yes
In your opinion, what is the difference between a good original character and a "Mary Sue"?Mary Sues are too perfect
Have you ever read any exceptionally good OC's? (Feel free to name some!)Yes
Has any fanfiction you've ever read personally affected you?Maybe a bit
Have you ever written a fanfic based on a real event you or someone else experienced?No
Have you ever written an original story based on a fanfic idea?No
How about the reverse?No
What do you think of the movies?Saw the first, twice. Am avoiding all new ones
Do you think that the movies and marketing are a good thing, or do you think they take away  from the books?There are some things I don't like about the movies. But there's nothing wrong with them existing. Of course, people begin to imagine the characters too much like the actors who mostly don't really look like the characters look in my head...
Finally, back to fandom. What are some advantages and disadvantages of fansites and fanfiction?You can find some really great people there!
Do you think it has taught you anything?I'm writing much better now. I'm also writing poetry now. And IT HAS TAUGHT ME ENGLISH - a language I now use for my work as a translator.
Finally - have you changed since you first started writing?People change all the time. Even I have changed a little.


Also, made lost_soul_icons public. Not that anyone would care. ;)
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