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My answer to spectacular's challenge

The young black girl sits alone in her room and cries. No-one knows that she's there. No-one knows that she cries. Most probably wouldn't understand her, either.

She fist saw him when she was sixteen, running out of the Gryffindor boys' dormitory. She hadn't been able to sleep and was just entering the Common Room when he appeared from the other staircase. She recognized him immediately - which Wizard or Witch wouldn't have with his picture being seen on every corner, in every Daily Prophet. Sirius Black. She thought him to be a murderer then, she was scared and thought herself to be lucky that he hadn't seen her. She might have been a Gryffindor, but she definitely was happy she didn't have to call McGonagall - Ron's screams had been enough to set the boys in motion.

But she couldn't forget him after that. There just was something about Black that drew her to him. She didn't want to feel this - how could she love a Death Eater like him? Love? Did she really think like this already? A crush, she assured herself. Just a crush. Just a sixteen-year-olds crush on a dangerous older man.

But by the end of the year she knew better. Harry might have thought nobody knew his secret, but there's always someone hearing you in Gryffindor House. And sometimes she was lucky enough to be the one. She knew now that Sirius was innocent. God, he was Harry's godfather! She thought this might make her crush go away - the man had definitely changed in her eyes. But his real actions only made her feel more for him. Maybe love, maybe just sadness combined with her crush. After the summer she was sure she loved him, though. A crush you forget after a while - love you can never forget.

She tried, though. She even went to the Yule Ball with Fred, but her thoughts were still with Sirius. She knew Harry and his friends were meeting with Sirius and she tried to find out about him as much as she could. She wanted to tell him how she felt, but her Gryffindor courage left her every time she was going to do this. She never met him that year.

She never met him in her life. Her last year was Voldemort's rise and Sirius' death. It was the year after that she wanted to join Dumbledore in fighting Voldemort. It was also the year after that she had wanted to confess her feelings to Sirius. He might have understood or he might have rejected her. He might have thought she was too young for him. He might have fallen in love with her too. But she never had the chance to find out.

The young black girl sits alone in her room and cries. No-one knows that she's there. No-one knows that she cries. Most probably wouldn't understand her, either.
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