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Luinthoron's LiveJournal v.15.3
Blame altairi... The vine, Muin, suits you the best.… 
14th-May-2003 12:07 pm
Gundam 00: Saji / Cute / Blue
Blame altairi...

The vine, Muin, suits you the best.

Which Celtic Moon Sign Fits Your Personality Best?
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You Are Beauty
You are Beauty.

You are beautiful, whether it be on the inside, the
outside, or both. People are drawn to you as
strongly as you are drawn to the beauty in the
world around you.

What Emotion Are You?
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You Are Yellow.

(((~*~What Personality Color Are You?~*~)))
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You're just a broken doll...the depressed beauty,or
at least, that's your opinion...excluding the
beauty part of course. You don't see your own
beauty,but rather, are appaled by it. A
million people could stand on a soap box,
preaching to you about your goodness, your
beauty, and you purity, but you would ignore
them, taking there truths for granted. You're
more likely to slit your wrists than recognize
all th love people feel for you...so, all that
makes is a shell of what once was, and what
could be again.

What Kind of Person Are You?
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Really nothing to say... I'd like to say something to make this entry have a point, but just can't. So pointless it is! Although I have to admit, that the last of those quizzes really said everything there was to say about me...
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