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Today seems to be meme day...

from laurenhealy:

My Best Friend is altairi
Our 35 common interests are: angelic layer, anime, anime music, anime music videos, astrology, d&d, drawing, dungeons & dragons, dungeons and dragons, fanfiction, games, gundam seed, gundam wing, harry potter fanfiction, having long hair, inuyasha, japan, japanese, lj friends, lord of the rings, love, magic, mp3s, music, noir, old school hp, poetry, quizzes, rpg, slytherin rising, t.m. revolution, true love, wolf's rain, world domination, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I still say know it's gambalerina, though.

I could be at my school reunion now... Have some work to do, though. And I absolutely cannot be bothered to wear a suit again.
Tags: other, quiz/meme, work

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