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News from me:

I am completely stupid - I managed to hit both my knees on the stairs. On different sides of the corner of the stairs. At the same time. Hard to explain if you don't know how the stairs look like.

It is now most likely that I'll be going to England for two weeks in the next month to improve my English skills. On one hand it's definitely good news, but I will miss talking to Gabriela. It's already hard now. Another two weeks... At least I should have access to the Internet there.

*smiles* Gabriela also called me yesterday. Couldn't talk much, but I'm still happy to have had even this little time.

For some reason, I now have a thing I really didn't want or need - a favourite song... Playing now. Again.

I bet I forgot to write something again...

P.S. New icon! (if you haven't seen it on lost_soul_icons yet...)
Tags: gabriela, icons, music, other, weird

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