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If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a tengu. I'm always in the right place at the right time, and am quick to avoid people that I'd rather not be with.
Which NetHack Monster Are You?

And as it said - if I wasn't a tengu, I'd be...

If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a unicorn. Most people are only after one thing - I try to maintain a quiet and respectful distance until I feel sure that I can trust someone.
Which NetHack Monster Are You?

EDIT: from honey666

400 Bad Request - The request could not be
understood by the server due to malformed

You seem to have expectations that are difficult
for others to meet. Once they meet them,
though, you are perfect -- but it is very hard
for people to live up to them. You might
consider lightening up.

What's your HTTP Status Code?
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