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meme from gambalerina:

First grade teacher's name: Don't remember. I know our teached changed in the middle of the year, though.
Last word you said: okay
Last song you sang: Something from my playlist that I would never sing without the song playing too
Last thing you laughed at: Gabriela wanting to give me a scooby-snack... *grins*
Last time you cried: Yesterday.

What's in your cd player: What's a CD-player? I use a computer. :P
What color socks are you wearing: Black
What time did you wake up today: 7:30 AM
Current hair: Dark blonde/light brown/something like that
Current clothes: Black long-sleeved T-shirt and black jeans.
Current jewelry: Does my high-school ring in my pocket count?
Current annoyance: Sleepiness
Current smell: something or other...
Current longing: Gabriela
Current desktop picture: The WinXP standard landscape background here, the most beautiful Wolf's Rain wallpaper at home.
Current favorite music artist: most likely to be T.M. Revolution
Current worry: Never getting my own computer because I always have to lend the money to my family
Current hate: No-one, really
Story behind your username: Read "Lord of the Rings" and "The Silmarillion". Wanted an elven name. Made up Luinthoron. (Luin = Blue, Thoron = Eagle)
Current favourite article of clothing: My black leather jacket.
Favourite physical feature on a boy/girl: The face, actually. And the hair.
One person you wish was here right now: Gabriela. Always her.
I am happiest when: I get to talk to my amazingly wonderful girlfriend
I feel lonely when: I'm alone, of course.
Do you think too much: Probably yes
If you could live anywhere in the world, where: Otepää, California, Hawaii or Australia, for example.
Famous person you have met: I think it will have to be my former neighbor Toomas Savi
Do you have any regrets: Of course
Sex or love: Love
Favourite coffee: Don't care much sa long as it tastes good.
Favourite smell: Lillacs
What makes you mad: Our clients
Favourite way to waste time: Reading, writing (especially poetry), playing computer games, listening to music
What is your best quality: They say I'm nice
Are in currently in love/lust: Yes
What's the craziest thing you have ever done: For personal reasons, I'd rather not mention this here. ;)
Any bad habits: I bite my nails
Do you find it hard to trust people: Somewhat
Last thing you bought yourself: CD-R's
Bath or shower: I'd like baths better, but my parents threw out our bathtub when they installed the shower cabin... :(

Favourite season: Summer
Favourite color: Blue
Favourite time of day: Evening
Gold or silver: Silver
Any secret crushes: Not anymore

What is your career going to be: Probably still being a bad translator
Where are you going to live: Ask gambalerina.
How many kids do you want: Two
What kind of car will you drive: You mean I would have the money for one?
how many coats and jackets do you own: No idea. I'm male. :P
Favourite trousers colour: Blue
Most expensive item of clothing: My leather jacket, I guess...
Most treasured: that same leather jacket - it's my only one. :D

Do your friends know you: Not really
What do they tend to be like: Different. There are all kinds of people among them.
Can you count on them: On the best ones, I think yes.
Can they count on you: Of course

Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix... I suck.
Last movie you saw: Exit Wounds (most of it, anyway)
last movie you saw on the big screen: Matrix Reloaded
Last show you watched on tv: No idea... :(
last song you heard: Look at the current music :D
Last thing you had to drink: Some pear syrup drink thingy
Last thing you ate: A banana
Last time you showered: You do not want to know this.
Last time you smiled: Right now
Last time you laughed: When I started filling this meme
Last person you hugged: My mom
Last person you kissed: My great-aunt
Last person you talked to online: Gabriela
Last person you talked to on the phone: My mom

Smoke: Never
Do drugs: No
Drink: Rarely
Sleep with stuffed animals: Not really
Have a dream that keeps coming back: Haven't remembered any lately, so I wouldn't know
Play an instrument: A little bit of piano
Believe there is life on other planets: Definitely
Read the newspaper: When I have the time
Have any gay or lesbian friends: Yes
Believe in miracles: Yes
Consider yourself tolerant: Yes
Like the taste of alchohol: Not much
Have a favorite stooge: ???
Believe in astrology: Of course. It hasn't been much wrong about me yet.
Believe in magic: Yes
Pray: Not much
Go to church: Not unless they make me to go
Have any secrets: Some
Have any pets: No
Go or plan to attend college: Maybe
Talk to strangers: Do our clients count?
Have any piercings: Not yet
Have any tattoos: See the previous question
Hate yourself: Sometimes
Wish on stars: It's been known to happen
Like your handwriting: Depends. I can have a quite nice handwriting at times. At times it's the worst ever.
Believe in ghosts: Yes
Believe in santa: A bit
Believe in the easter bunny: Not really
Believe in the tooth fairy: No
Have a second family: No, I think
Sing in the shower: Rarely
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