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Luinthoron's LiveJournal v.15.3
Rambling, just to post something... 
20th-Apr-2004 09:47 pm
Gundam 00: Saji / Cute / Blue
Life's been boring again after I finished every translation/proofreading job yesterday. There have been some small things to do, but otherwise I've been bored enough to not to have anything to write here. Well, unless I've been talking to Gabriela online again. Which I've thankfully done very much lately. And doing this also makes me forget posting things here - there just doesn't seem to be any reason to. Not that I would have to write anything anyway. And I'm rambling, right? That's what happens when you notice that you have missed a day and try desperately to make up an entry. *feels stupid*
20th-Apr-2004 03:06 pm (UTC)
*grins* Dont feel stupid...I love it when you ramble, as you seldom do so. It is like a rare pink diamond.
20th-Apr-2004 10:46 pm (UTC)
*kisses* I love you!
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