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A quiz, nicked from esc_key

You are Heimdal! Heimdal watches the rainbow
bridge, Bifrost that connects the human world
"Middle Earth" with the world of gods
"Asgaard". He watches for the coming
of the frost giants at the Ragnarok, at which
time he will sound his horn Gjallar. He never
sleeps, can see in the dark, and can hear sheep
wool growing. His dwelling place is Himinbjorg
[heavenly mountains].
Heimdal has an honorable job, but he's very lonely
because he lives so far away from the other
gods. He's single but a hopeless romantic and
hopes that some day he'll find someone who will
appreciate him.

Which Norse Mythology character are you?
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And another one, from altairi

You are Spaceballs!
You have a strange obsession with odd furry
creatures and you need to pick your helmet up
when drinking coffee. You can go from suck to
blow in a matter of seconds, but you're really
just looking for a good time in a winnebago.

Which Mel Brooks Movie Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Also, I managed to make my sister get a LJ... :) Welcome to LiveJournal, altairi
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    Finally got my X and Y yesterday. Now if only I wouldn't have so much work to do...

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    Finally have my shiny new Pokémon games! ^_^ Work needs to be finished before playing, though...

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    I finally have my Pokémon Black and White! ^_^

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