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*grrr...* (repeat)

I feel TROUBLE coming. Yes, that's TROUBLE in all capital letters. And yes, it is still that damn translation that even made me work this night... There's no fucking way, if you excuse me saying this, I can finish translating the part left to me by tomorrow. And even our client claims that even they won't be paid anything should they fail to deliver the translation in time. Did I mention that the part they gave other translators to do is one of the worst things I've ever had to correct and I'm not done with this either? How can someone have inconsistent translations of the same thing in one sentence? Argh... Gabriela - maybe I should come visit you. It would be a much nicer death than death due to being overworked... (Just kidding - I know I'll have to wait a little more.) But seriously - who can work more than 12 hours per day for 6 months without any free days? I've never claimed to be sane, but this is just too much even for me...

I miss you already, Gabriela... You always make my day a little bit a lot brighter.
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