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Posted all my 252 extremely bad Gundam SEED icons in my icon journal (lost_soul_icons)... Even those I didn't post in gundamseed as I didn't think they'd be good enough... I think I posted only about 80 then. o_O I guess I'm just nuts. Oh... Come to think of it - I removed them from a while ago, so you can't get them from gundamseed anymore... I hope they don't mind... Damn... I'm apparently also stupid. At least they had more than enough time to save what they wanted and my post should be far away from the first (and even second) page of the LJ community. /rant

EDIT: This will be the last time I plug lost_soul_icons here. I just don't feel comfortable doing this, especially as nobody seems to be interested in it. Oh, and most of you don't need to comment to be added - if you friend lost_soul_icons, I'll probably friend you back. Of course, if you don't want to friend it, but still would like to see the bad icons you can use the 'comment and I friend you' way. :)
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