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interviewed by misentropic

Who is your favorite minor character in Harry Potter and why?
Colin Creevey. I'm not even completely sure why it's him, but there just is something about him that makes him one of my favorite characters in the HP books. Sure, he might be annoying at times, but really, it is Harry Potter we're talking about. :) Still, as witnessed in GoF with the "Potter Stinks!" buttons, the Creevey brothers could probably be the next Weasley twins if they tried.

What is your biggest dream or ambition?
Just happiness? And someone to love me like I am. I really don't need much.

What is your family like?
Completely insane. No, really! We've seen better times - right now my parents seem to go through a series of quarrels... I'm also soon to be an uncle, as my sister Rahel is going to have a son, well, probably this week. What else? My brother Janek is in the army now, and my other sisters Meril and Rebekka are still in school.

Who was your role model when you were a little kid?
My parents, probably, as I wanted to become a teacher when I was a kid. Both my parents were teachers back then, now my mom is my boss in the translation company I'm working for.

Describe yourself as you see yourself.
I'm insane and look like shit (although my friends disagree). I'm also way too lazy for my own good. What else can I say? I'm 24 years and 5 days old, a hopeless romantic, very intelligent, according to some IQ tests, and the greatest loser you can find around here. Thanks, that was all! :D

Oh, and according to the rules of this meme thingy - comment if you want to be interviewed! And if you do, post your answers and let people ask you to interview them too!
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