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the usual - a quiz

from peemot210:

You are a Shameless Procrastinator
You are a Shameless Procrastinator!
Ah, I see you have embraced your inner
procrastinator, and no longer feel the need to
make excuses. Deadlines mean nothing to you -
you can always charm, argue or emote your way
to an extension. You wear your procrastinating
abilities as a badge of pride, and take great
pleasure from evolving new and creative ways to
procrastinate. When an essay is due, you
suddenly find yourself inspired to begin
writing the Great Australian Novel, an urge
which, alas, disappears the moment the essay is
in the past. But have no fear - with the next
project, inspiration will again strike, and the
creative juices will once more be running! Of
course, it will be a different inspiration next
time, and you may never actually finish any of
these projects. But the inspiration is the
important thing, isn't it?

What kind of Procrastinator are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Didn't get the result I wanted, actually - peemot210's result described me absolutely perfectly... But this isn't wrong either. XD
Tags: quiz/meme

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