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a poem

Something I wrote on wednesday on the train ride home.

Note: This is not a suicide note, just so you know... I will still be alive for a while.

In Death

by Luinthoron

I am not afraid to die -
My fear has been taken from me.
My life has been just a lie
And honest in death I can be.

I can finally tell my feelings
To those whom I love or hate.
I don't have to endure your enquiries -
For questions it will be too late.

I know that someone will miss me.
Just know - I will miss you too.
But Death is the one who will kiss me -
Will you care that I wish it was you?

I will leave this world behind me -
No regrets will I have doing this.
Nobody in my life really knew me -
I was just another person you dissed...

My letter will soon correct you
But nothing can heal my heart.
When I finally let someone reach through
I have already gone too far...

I have died

Tags: poetry

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