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I should be working on the new really evil translation. What exactly is wrong with people? They say they have 3000 words for you to translate for Monday. OK, it should be OK, I think. Then comes the job - 3000 words are to translate, yes, as the rest of it are 100% sentences in the TM (translation memory) or repetitions, but the whole thing has, believe it or not, exactly 64582 words... Say WTF? Repeat as necessary.

Although what I really wanted to say when I sait that I should be working on it was that I was going to change my layout, but as I liked my current one better I gave the new one to vegetak as he just created his LJ yesterday and I thought he might like it. Yes, it looks a lot like mine as it is basically the same thing. But hey, it's still something different and face it - I am one of the laziest people here!
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