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Apparently, there's something weird going on with - I was already surprised when I had no new e-mails this morning, but when I send a letter to myself to test this and it hasn't still arrived ONE HOUR AFTER I SENT IT, something definitely is wrong. And Yahoo!Groups tells me that the last message sent to me bounced with an error message reading 'domain not found'. Yet I can read every letter I've already received... And I have the page open right now.

*rant broken due to one message finally arriving*

WTF!? Guess what! pikacheeka replied to one of my comments on her LJ. And it wasn't even that much time ago - only F***ING 11 HOURS! Okay, I had already seen it on LJ, but really - what is going on here?

edit: one of my test messages arrived - 70 minutes after being sent...

edit2: I'm even more furious now - another LJ reply - 16.5 hours after being posted!
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