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...aka the reasons why I probably will not write this. I will not give you everything I've written on these ideas, nor can I tell you when (or if) you will ever see them, but just take a look...

A very alternative version of PS/SS, featuring Slytherin!Harry, Good!Malfoys, a very confused Ron, an even more confused Snape, and a very evil author... *grin*


Lucius Malfoy suddenly felt very relaxed, despite the red-eyed, noseless face in front of him. Yet there he was - Lord Voldemort, the most feared creature in the Wizarding world. And Lucius was now his to command. The wonders of the Imperius Curse...


Five years later...

Lucius held his wife and son in his arms like it were the first time. It seemed to him that like a dark cloud had been lifted from him, and he was finally able to live his life his own way. The Dark Lord was gone. He didn't know how this was possible, but it certainly seemed so, as the curse was lifted from him. He felt free again, glad that his son would not have to go through the things he and his wife had. Too much death had he caused, even more witnessed, not being able to stop himself. He had been just a puppet on his "Master's " strings. And the mark of his shame was still on his hand.

The first thing in the morning he'd give himself to the Aurors.


A little boy, only 15 months old, lay on his bed. The house around him was in ruins, but it did not seem to disturb the sleeping child the least. But on his forehead was a fresh wound, a wound that would surely leave a scar. An unusual wound in the shape of a lightning bolt...

Plot bunny 2: The Muggle Heirs (working title):

Another crazy idea. What if the secret of Voldemort's (and Salazar Slytherin's) power was, that Salazar somehow managed to steal the other founders' powers, leaving them basically muggles. But now their heirs stumble through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. We'll hopefully see...
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