Black Cat: Creed: Insanity

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I bet you didn't expect to see the story tag here ever again, seeing how it's been over 9 years since the last time...

728 words, Phoenix Point, R, written for the Phoenix Point Writing Competition last December.

Siren Song

(And here, an alternative link to FFN as well. Over 13 years since I've posted anything over there...)
Gundam SEED: geek alert!!!

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Well, then... Follow-up on the previous post and the Facefook and Firefox troubles. Finally switched over to Pale Moon now, just took a while to get the add-on settings copied over as well. I suspect it's a combination of both Firefox and Facebook at fault here. Judging by one of the web-based games I've played on another computer here (since this one was too weak...)with the new Firefox starting to invariably freeze after the latest Firefox update, something must have changed in the new Firefox versions. Which I did not have here, but seeing how after updating it here now as well since I don't need the old version anymore after replacing it with Pale Moon, Facebook works there as well, I suspect Facebook must have also updated some Firefox-specific script to match the update, but broken its compatibility with either the older Firefox versions, or (considering that Pale Moon identifies as an older Firefox as well, yet works) just the latest ESR that has a version number higher than the first version of Firefox Quantum. In any case, good to finally change to a properly functional browser again.

Also, it seems that the latest posts here have not been automatically crossposted to Facebook anymore. Nothing works as it should...
Code Geass: Mao / Haet This Show

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Something very weird is going on with Facebook for the last couple of days... Most recent page is definitely not showing the most recent posts, and it keeps one of the processor cores at 100%, bringing Firefox down to a crawl, sometimes even not responding at all for a while...
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