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My Top 40 of this year's Eesti Laul (with links)

With a little help from and a YouTube playlist with all the songs to remind me of some I haven't listened to as much.

Don't take some the "low" rankings of some songs too seriously, the top 18 at the very least would all have had a good chance at a Eurovision victory, the level really was that high this year in Estonia. But some had to place higher and some lower, that's how sorting them goes. The only truly bad songs would be the last two, maybe three places (and even then only the last one is in its own league of awfulness).

1. Evelin Samuel - Waterfall
2. Anna Sahlene - Champion
3. Frants Tikerpuu & Triin Niitoja - Laululind
4. goodreason - Three Days Ago
5. Emily J - Quicksilver
6. Merilin Mälk - Little Girl
7. Jaagup Tuisk - Kui Vaid
= Stefan - Hope
9. Boamadu - Mitte kauaks
= Púr Múdd, Shira - Golden Shores
11. Ott Lepland - Aovalguses
12. Levvis - Let's Talk About
13. Lauri Pihlap - Take Me Home
14. Peter Põder - Koos Lõpuni
15. Black Velvet - Sandra
16. Stig Rästa - Interstellar
17. Kaia-Liisa Kesler - Vaikus
18. Elina Nechayeva - Remedy
19. Desiree - Siiani
20. Silver Jusilo - Elu rüpes
21. Eleryn Tiit - Tunnete Keel
22. Kéa - Everytime
23. Shira - Under Water
24. Traffic - Kaua veel
25. deLULU - Music Saved My Soul
26. Helen - Vaata minu poole
27. An-Marlen - Lõpuks Muutub
28. Elysa - Fire
29. Ariadne - Shouldn't Be Friends
30. Little Mess - Hea päev
31. Jyrise - Plaksuta
32. Maian - Meeletu
33. Minimal Wind ft elisabeth tiffany - What To Make Of This
34. Jessica - My Mom
35. Alabama Watchdog - Move On
36. Wiiralt - Kuradile
37. Dramanda - Tule minu sisse
38. Andrei Zevakin - Mis nüüd saab (ft. Grete Paia)
39. Fiona and Me - Feel Like This
40. meisterjaan - Vahel lihtsalt
Gundam SEED: iDearka

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Fact: The Matrix is real and Google has hacked it. This is already the second time a song I've recently heard elsewhere has popped up in my YouTube recommendations... :D
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I bet you didn't expect to see the story tag here ever again, seeing how it's been over 9 years since the last time...

728 words, Phoenix Point, R, written for the Phoenix Point Writing Competition last December.

Siren Song

(And here, an alternative link to FFN as well. Over 13 years since I've posted anything over there...)