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Luinthoron's LiveJournal v.15.3
17th-Apr-2019 06:53 pm(no subject)
Gundam SEED: geek alert!!!
Well, since nightfalltwen did this...

You can get your own card here!


Another fun fact from the LJ20 page - this is apparently my most popular recent post.

Quite amazed by seeing that nice round 5000 received comments there as well. :D
10th-Mar-2019 10:47 pm(no subject)
Black Cat: Creed: Insanity
I bet you didn't expect to see the story tag here ever again, seeing how it's been over 9 years since the last time...

728 words, Phoenix Point, R, written for the Phoenix Point Writing Competition last December.

Siren Song

(And here, an alternative link to FFN as well. Over 13 years since I've posted anything over there...)
1st-Jan-2019 12:01 am(no subject)
Kanon: Shiori / Snowman
Happy New Year!
24th-Dec-2018 04:29 pm(no subject)
Shana: Shana / Christmas / Textless
Merry Christmas, everyone! ^_^
3rd-Nov-2018 07:35 pm(no subject)
Gundam SEED: geek alert!!!
Well, then... Follow-up on the previous post and the Facefook and Firefox troubles. Finally switched over to Pale Moon now, just took a while to get the add-on settings copied over as well. I suspect it's a combination of both Firefox and Facebook at fault here. Judging by one of the web-based games I've played on another computer here (since this one was too weak...)with the new Firefox starting to invariably freeze after the latest Firefox update, something must have changed in the new Firefox versions. Which I did not have here, but seeing how after updating it here now as well since I don't need the old version anymore after replacing it with Pale Moon, Facebook works there as well, I suspect Facebook must have also updated some Firefox-specific script to match the update, but broken its compatibility with either the older Firefox versions, or (considering that Pale Moon identifies as an older Firefox as well, yet works) just the latest ESR that has a version number higher than the first version of Firefox Quantum. In any case, good to finally change to a properly functional browser again.

Also, it seems that the latest posts here have not been automatically crossposted to Facebook anymore. Nothing works as it should...
2nd-Nov-2018 10:38 am(no subject)
Code Geass: Mao / Haet This Show
Something very weird is going on with Facebook for the last couple of days... Most recent page is definitely not showing the most recent posts, and it keeps one of the processor cores at 100%, bringing Firefox down to a crawl, sometimes even not responding at all for a while...
25th-Oct-2018 11:40 am(no subject)
Kanon: Shiori / Snowman
It was just snowing for a little while...
13th-May-2018 01:48 am(no subject)
Code Geass: Lelouch / Rebellious
And once again the Eurovision Song Contest proves that televoting was the worst addition ever made to the competition.
1st-Jan-2018 12:01 am(no subject)
Kanon: Shiori / Snowman
Happy New Year!

(And I can't believe I forgot to post on Christmas...)
16th-Apr-2017 03:19 pm - LJ 18th anniversary
Gundam SEED: Andy / Commander
Saw this on my friends list and decided to try as well.
1st-Jan-2017 12:00 am(no subject)
Chi: Chi / Tail
Happy New Year!
24th-Dec-2016 05:12 pm(no subject)
Kanon: Shiori / Snowman
Merry Christmas!
9th-Nov-2016 10:05 am(no subject)
Code Geass: Mao / Haet This Show
My condolences, America... But on the positive side, maybe our new government might now not have enough time to screw us over before Putin gets here.
25th-Oct-2016 11:14 am(no subject)
Kanon: Shiori / Snowman
Snow. Snow everywhere!
24th-Sep-2016 01:39 pm(no subject)
WHR: Michael
Oh, looks like Windows 10 has finally decided to upgrade to the Anniversary Update on my computer here as well. I do wish Microsoft would stop insisting on placing Edge on my taskbar with every bigger update (and the shop, and it moved Explorer around...), though. But on the positive side, I really like that they have now included the clock on my second monitor's taskbar as well.
24th-Jun-2016 02:38 pm(no subject)
HP: Quote / Kreacher / For Luck?
Well, looks like the people of UK have decided. They were asked whether they want to have a new recession and Scotland to leave. They said yes.
15th-May-2016 01:41 am(no subject)
Gundam SEED: iDearka
And this is why the people should never have been allowed to vote in this competition...

3rd-Mar-2016 04:54 pm(no subject)
Office needs
Well, that was weird... I actually finished a translation in time.
1st-Jan-2016 12:00 am(no subject)
InuYasha: Inuyasha / Serenity
Happy New Year!
22nd-Oct-2015 04:39 pm(no subject)
It's always a weird (but good) feeling when I receive a notice from FanFiction.Net about an ancient story of mine from 2001 being favorited by someone.
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